Candy Labels

Candy labels inform people about the candy packaging contents, and they visually stimulate consumers to buy the product. Candy for sale needs to have a label that follows FDA regulations on proper labeling, but the decisive factor in developing a customer’s desire for candy will be unique and attractive packaging label design.

If you are a smaller confectioner looking to connect with bigger companies, you can offer to provide candy boxes labeled with the company logo for business conventions and other corporate events, or you can specialize in custom made personalized candy favors for birthdays, weddings, charity events, baby showers, etc. Your customers are likely to return if you provide them with:

Candy labels can be applied on top of a candy box or the side of a candy wrapper, depending on the candy packaging size and shape. These labels can be as small as 0.375”, or as big as one label per sheet. When you’re choosing your label shape and size, make sure your message can fit on it. Carefully select the colors, font and artwork (if there’s room for any), to make your candy gift memorable.

Professionally Printed Custom and Blank Candy Labels can help you out with appropriate design and professional printing of your round, square, oval or any other label you choose to decorate your candy with. You can even order several different custom-made candies labels on one sheet. We are dedicated to producing high-quality custom labels and tags at competitive prices by carefully establishing your needs and choosing the right type of label material, design, order size and printing method for your product label. For example, we are able to offer very competitive full-color, digital printing prices for small orders, but we also have vast experience with large orders on flexo or offset machines. Our printing experts can advise you on the type of label that will adhere to the substrate and withstand all conditions, and it doesn’t have to be made from the toughest, expensive polyester material. Our laminated paper materials can withstand freezing temperatures, as well as rough handling conditions.

If you’d rather print the labels yourself, there’s a variety of blank candy stickers on our website that you can download and print on your home printer and later write on with a marker.