Jar Labels

Glass has always been the best choice when it comes to food packaging and preservation, because it is safe, reusable and has multiple purposes. The most popular glass packages are jars, with their variety of shapes and sizes.

Since food producers mostly use the same or similar jars for their products, many of the products look the same to the consumer and the only thing that differentiates these products and makes one a recognizable brand, is a visually appealing food packaging labels design.

Custom jar labels help your product stand out from the competition. The design and important food information such as ingredients, nutritional facts, allergens and best before date, play equally important parts for the consumer. The visual design has the role to attract, and the information serves to present the product’s content values to the consumer. For more details on what information is required on your jar label, you need to consult the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Make Your Product Stand Out on the Shelf with Custom Labels

Foodpackaginglabels.net offers a wide range of different blank labels that are rectangular, oval or circular in shape and can be almost any size. They can be used as jam, sauce, spices, pickles, salsa, candy or honey jar labels. Ordering blank labels for jars is easy and fast through our website.

However, if you have special preferences and would want to have a custom designed sticker for your product, our design team can meet all your needs when it comes to material, color, shape, size and branding of your product labels. Our advantage is that there is no minimum order of labels, so if you need only one sheet, we will print it for you at a reasonable, no-minimum price. Our staff will make sure to choose the appropriate printing method and material to accommodate your budget and make sure the material adheres perfectly to the glass substrate.