Yogurt Labels

Consuming yogurt can have many health benefits, from smaller and short-term ones such as alleviating stomach pain and serving as a great facial mask that makes your face smoother, to really serious ones. For example, according to Alvaro Alonso, associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, low-fat yogurt can help prevent high blood pressure.

Some other reasons to consume yogurt are:

Sweet and Flavored Vs. Plain Yogurt

In some parts of the world people usually consume plain yogurt that contains no sweeteners apart from the natural sugars from milk (predominantly lactose). In the United States, however, sweetened and flavored yogurts are very popular, especially fruit yogurts that many people perceive as healthy products. Sweet yogurts actually contain added sugar that can be detrimental to your health. This is not to say there’s something wrong with enjoying sugary food products on occasion or that you should avoid all fruit yogurts, but for best results of yogurt consumption, sweetened ones are not the best choice. Rather get your daily dose of calcium from plain low-fat or Greek yogurt.

Yogurt Labels Communicate Information

Yogurt label is the best place to get information about the contents of a yogurt packaging, because it shows accurate information about the nutrition facts and ingredients used. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn the percentage of protein in your yogurt, or unpleasantly surprised to discover that it also includes traces of allergens. Reading yogurt labels will help you compare different products and choose whether you want to consume regular or low-fat, sweet or no-sugar-added yogurt.

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