Cupcake Labels

According to Food Timeline, cupcakes appeared in America in the late 18th or early 19th century and were given the name either because they were baked in cups and cup-like moulds, or because the Americans measured the cake’s ingredients with a cup. The need for something sweet that bakes more quickly than the standard-size cake had a lot to do with the emergence and popularity of these small, easy-to-make goodies. Cupcakes are a truly American culinary wonder and a very welcome contribution to the world cuisine.

One of the first cupcake recipes was very simple and easy to memorize: 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs, all baked in cups for twenty minutes. Obviously, today we make much more elaborate cupcakes using traditional flavors (chocolate and vanilla), as well as fancy ones. The creamy frosting is an especially interesting addition, making it the cupcake’s trademark element.

Cupcakes became really popular and commercialized in the States after World War I, but especially in the past decade or so with the appearance of trendy cupcakeries that specialize in making delicious one-serving-size treats wrapped in designer paper and labeled with stylish cupcake labels. Since a cupcake serves only one person, it makes for an excellent personalized gift to a loved one.

Common Information on Cupcake Stickers

If you’re making cupcakes for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels or private orders, you probably need to consult your state’s and federal requirements for proper labeling of your food item. Different states have different cottage food laws that regulate how bakery products are labeled, and what information needs to be communicated to the consumer.

Cupcake stickers usually include the following:

If there’s enough space, you can also include information about the cupcake flavor.

Tips for Putting Together Quality Cupcake Label

Another important element to consider when creating cupcake stickers is the label material.
At we provide blank self-adhesive labels to people who might want to print their design on their home printer, or manually write on the cupcake topper. We also have experience in making cupcake manufacturers happy with our custom made, beautifully designed stickers. You can either send us your artwork to get it printed on quality food packaging labels, or work with our experienced designers who’ll give you expert advice on how to attract customers with your product’s visual identity.

Our labels and stickers can be any color, size and shape you desire, with a glossy or matte finish, and printed in as many copies as you need.

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