Maple Syrup Labels

Maple syrup is a liquid product similar to honey, made by heat treating maple sap or by reconstituting maple sugar or concrete with water. It is sold and consumed internationally. In some countries, such as South Korea, people traditionally eat maple sap without making a syrup out of it. However, this product is the most popular in Canada and United States where people often eat it with pancakes or waffles for breakfast.

Whether big businesses or small farming operations, maple syrup producers need to follow certain guidelines set by federal and state food safety agencies that regulate how a food product is made and marketed. One of the things that maple syrup manufacturers need to pay close attention to are food packaging labels. Maple syrup stickers need to follow similar labeling requirements that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration prescribes for honey labels. These labeling regulations can be very complex and sometimes ambiguous, but the following four elements are very straightforward and mandatory for every maple syrup packaging:

Since maple syrup is usually a single ingredient product, it doesn’t require an ingredients list. However, if it contains ingredients other than maple syrup (salt or chemical preservatives), the manufacturer is obligated to include the list.

In addition, if any content or health claims are made, such as “natural product”, “no sugar added”, “may reduce the risk of high blood pressure” and similar, the manufacturer needs to include a nutrition facts label on the principal display or informational panel of the food label.

Grade and Color Descriptors for Maple Syrup Labels

The USDA regulates grade categorization of maple syrup products. This information is voluntary, which means that the manufacturers are not obligated to provide it on the label. However, this can greatly improve the manufacturer’s marketing efforts and provide customers with information about levels of maple syrup quality that will convince them to buy the product. Also, if the maple syrup producer decides to inform consumers about their product’s grade, the information needs to be completely accurate.

Maple syrup can be classified in the following way:

Different “Grade A” categories are based on different percentages of the product’s light transmission which is measured by a special tool. Also, the product is tested for taste, percentage of solids content, whether the product is free from cloudiness, sediment, etc.

The processing grade is given if the product does not meet requirements for Grade A and it must be packaged in 5-gallon or 20-liter packaging.

Make Sure the Labels Stay Applied

Maple syrup labels can be made either to stay affixed to the jar, or to be attached as a card. The Food Packaging Labels team specializes in providing food business owners with the best combination of label materials and printing methods to make sure that the sticker stays applied to the product and reflects quality.

Though it might not seem that way, food packaging labels can be highly effective when marketing a product. You’ll see many plain food labels in stores, but those that set themselves apart from the competition with interesting design and helpful information will have higher chances of attracting customers.

Our company provides free design services for higher orders, as well as excellent customer service that includes advising our clients on the best label materials for particular product storing and handling conditions. You can choose between high-quality blank stickers, or order personalized labels that will be designed and printed according to your specifications. We deliver labels worldwide and don’t require a minimum order!

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