Egg Product Labels

For a product to be a consumer’s first choice, it has to be labeled correctly. First, the egg carton and labels need to be to be visually appealing to the customer. Second, providing accurate nutritional and other required information on the label brings additional value to the product.

Besides nutrition facts, FSIS has a list of important information that needs to be included on egg labels, such as:

To make an egg product competitive on the market, there is one more piece of information to consider including on egg labels - a health claim. For example, if the hens are fed with omega-3 enriched or organic foods and have a year-round access to outdoors, that’s worth noting on the product label. The claims in this case would be “omega-3 enriched”, “organic” or “free-range” and they need to correspond to the true condition of the hens/eggs.

Create Egg Labels That Attract Customers

At, we offer a full range of standard label shapes and sizes that can fit on any egg carton or box, but we also offer designing custom labels that will turn your product into a recognizable brand. Our design team has a lot of experience and can easily meet your needs for an appropriate label that is created with the right label adhesive and label face stock.

One of the most commonly used and cost effective label stocks is paper, but we print on many other materials: vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, etc. Depending on your budget and the conditions that the labels will be stored in, paper labels can be laminated or not, matte or shiny, smooth or with relief image. There are a lot of possibilities, and to be sure you will make the right choice, you can order a free sample of full-color digitally printed labels, and contact our personnel for more detailed information about our services.