Free Printable Food Packaging Labels and Tags

Labeling plays a big part in kitchen organization. If you ever had to throw away food that’s been long forgotten in your fridge, freezer or pantry, try using food labels during your next reorganization. They’ll help you keep track of what’s stored in each food container, whether it contains allergens, by when it needs to be used, etc.

The following printables can come handy in various stages of kitchen organization. They’ll help you plan out weekly meals, group food in your pantry by type, separate pet delicacies from food for your family, and separate food for special occasions by using special event labels.

Print these labels on self-adhesive paper, for easy application on food packaging.

weekly meal planner

Weekly Meal Planner

View and download weekly meal planner.

pantry labels

Pantry Labels

View and download pantry labels.

healthy food tags

Healthy Food Tags

View and download healthy food tags.

easter tags

Special Event Stickers

View and download special event stickers.

pet food albels

Pet Food Labels

View and download pet food labels.

lunchbox stickers

Lunchbox Stickers

View and download lunchbox stickers.