Food Packaging Label Stock

Food labels have an important role in attracting customers. They have to be visually inviting and accurately labeled. They are often made out of semi-gloss or gloss paper, but they can be made out of any standard label material: PET film, vinyl, polypropylene, acrylic, etc.

You should take into consideration these elements when making a decision about your food packaging label:

Depending on how you answer these questions, you will find your choice label stock among the following options.

These are some basic label materials. Each of them consists of many other label materials that each printing press has to offer.

Most of these materials can easily be die-cut into a shape of your choice.

You can discuss other options with the printing press staff:

These are excellent methods of visually improving your label. Embossing is a method of creating a raised or relief image on the label’s surface, and foil stamping is a way of printing using different tools, where a thin layer of color is pressed upon the label surface. These two methods can be combined and they give your label a sophisticated, rich look.